Equal Opportunities

Argyle Street Housing Co-operative wishes it to be known that it aims to be an equal opportunities organisation.

This means that:

  1. In the provision of housing services and the employment of staff and contractors to provide these services, the Co-op will seek to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment.

  2. ASH Co-op.’s policy is to take every reasonable step to ensure that no-one connected with the Co-op. receives less favourable treatment than others on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, religion, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, lack of formal qualifications, responsibility for dependants, ideology, health or medical grounds (e.g. HIV / AIDS related illnesses) or by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justified.

  3. This policy applies to any person, group or organisation applying for a job or contract with the Co-op. It also applies throughout the allocations process and the recruitment of new members.

  4. In the admissions process, applicants who give indication of intolerance and discrimination in the above areas are not considered acceptable candidates for Co-op. membership.

  5. The Co-op will seek to identify the needs of its community and in particular the needs of those groups identified in point 2 above by establishing a close relationship with such persons.

  6. The Co-op as an employer wil comply with and implement its equal opportunities recruitment policy and procedures. Where necessary the Co-op. will provide training resources to enable staff to develop appropriate skills or experience in the Co-op.

  7. In the hiring of contractors and other agencies to work for it, the Co-op will implement its commitment to equality of opportunity.

  8. To help it fulfil its commitment to equality of opportunity, the Co-op. will collect and monitor records of the gender and race / ethnic origin of all those applying to it for housing and all those seeking employment from the Co-op.

  9. In the composition and operation of its management committee, sub-committees and working groups, the Co-op. will actively seek to encourage all its members to participate in the running of the Co-op.

  10. This Co-op. recognises the importance of creating and securing an environment in which no forms of discrimination that breach the spirit of this policy are tolerated by Co-op. members or staff.

  11. The Co-op. will review this policy on an annual basis.