Member FAQ

This is the Frequently Asked Question page for members of ASH Co-op.

Q: How do I book the hut?

A: You should go to the office and put your booking in the diary, provided no one has booked the hut ahead of you. Ask the staff if you need help finding the diary.

Q: How do I write an agenda item?

A: Agenda items typically have a title – what the item is about – and a short description of what you want to discuss. Please be as succinct and to the point as you can. If you are asking for money you should included quotes; if you don’t the meeting will most likely tell you to go away and come back next month with quotes. If you need the coop’s approval for your item you should include a proposal. A model agenda item is below.

Q: How do I put an item on a meeting’s agenda?

A: You should email your agenda item to the secretarial group. This is the ideal method but not everybody has a computer or uses email. Alternatives include writing out on paper and handing it directly to one of the secretarial group or hand it in at the office where a member of staff will hand it on for you.