Futon Policy

Futon Policy
Written November 2009
Approved by GM 3rd February 2010
Amended at GM 5th October 2011
Futon Policy Contents
1. Entitlement
2. Suppliers
3. Option to Buy
4. Moving Rooms
5. Futon Coordinator
6. Futon Care
7. Futon Records

1. Entitlement
Each member is entitled to one double (or single if preferred) futon mattress plus one base and one futon cover or an alternative bed to the same value.
Flats are entitled to two double mattresses, bases and covers.
New members are entitled to a new futon cover
Members may be entitled to a new mattress and/or base when:
• their current futon is greater than 5 years old,
• they move into a new room and the existing mattress is badly soiled (at the discretion of the Futon Coordinator/Maintenance Co-ordinator).
2. Supplier
All futons shall be sourced with consideration for sustainability. The current supplier and approved style of futon is listed below:
Cambridge Futons.
The Granary,
Rectory Farm,
3a Brewery Road,
Pampisford, Cambs,
CB22 3EN
01223 830 155
Style: The Cambridge Futon
3. Option to Buy
Departing members may buy their futon and/or base provided that:
• They have no arrears
• They pay the appropriate cost of the futon/base before they leave.
Futon are deemed to have a lifespan of five years and depreciate in value by 20% each year, after the first year. The cost of the futon is therefore determined by its age;
• 0-1 yr: pay full cost
• 1-2 yrs: pay 80% of the full cost
• 2-3 yrs: pay 60% of the full cost
• 3-4 yrs: pay 40% of the full cost
• 4-5 yrs: pay 20% of the full cost
• Over 5 yrs: free.
Bases are charged at their full replacement cost.
There is no charge for futon covers
Futon Bases remain the property of ASH Co-op. Members may not convert their bases into platforms.
4. Moving Rooms
If a member moves rooms within the co-op, they may move their mattress with them. The existing mattress in their new room, if less than five years old, should move into their old room (so that both rooms will still have a mattress).
5. Futon Coordinator
The maintenance group will appoint of Futon Coordinator who will be responsible for keeping track of futons and bases, ordering new futons/bases/covers when appropriate and facilitating leaving members paying for futons if necessary.
Members wishing to purchase their futon when leaving should liaise with the Futon Coordinator.
6. Futon Care
Members should always use a cover and their futons, and are reminded that regular turning of the mattress will prolong its life.
7. Futon Records
All Futon will have the date and a serial number written on them. Records will be kept on a spreadsheet in the Maintenance folder.