Gardens Policy

    1. Gardens Officers

The Co-op shall elect two Gardens Officers at the AGM. Their responsibilities shall include:

      1. Ensuring that the grass is cut, plants and trees pruned and maintained, and gardens kept tidy.
      2. Ensuring that the garden tools and equipment are in good order, and available for Co-op members to use.
    1. Gardens

The gardens and grounds of the Co-op shall be maintained in good condition. Houses, shall be responsible for the areas immediately in front and behind their houses. Other areas shall be the responsibility of the Gardens Officers, although all members should offer to help maintain the gardens. The Gardens Officers should organise this work. The Co-op shall provide plants, seeds etc for the gardens, subject to the constraints of the budget.

    1. Litter and dogs

Members shall not litter the gardens, nor allow dogs to run freely in them.

    1. Paths and Lighting

It shall be the responsibility of the Maintenance Officers to ensure that paths and external lighting are kept in good condition.