Guidelines for Rent Agreements (draft)

ASH Co-op Rent Collection and Arrears Recovery Policy – Appendix 1

  • All Rent Agreements will be in writing and will be signed by the member making the agreement and the Rent Worker or a member of the Rent Group. There will be no verbal agreements.
  • Once a Notice to Quit (NTQ) has expired, a member does not have the option of making an agreement. In order to avoid further action, the member must at this stage, clear all their arrears.
  • The lowest rate at which a member can repay their arrears in a formal agreement with the Co-op will be £??.?? (equivalent to amount recommended by NHF/CCH/CPAG?)
  • The Co-op will keep a record of Rent Agreements and supply the member concerned with a copy.
  • If the Rent Worker or member of the Rent Group negotiating the agreement is not happy with a proposed agreement, they will not ratify it. They will advise the member that it needs to be referred to a Co-op meeting (General or Committee).
  • Rent Agreements can be re-negotiated at the discretion of the Rent Worker and/or Rent Group. However, if a member has broken an agreement, it cannot be re-negotiated; all arrears need to be cleared to avoid further action.
  • Agreements should be made during office hours where ever possible. The Rent Co-ordinator is not on call 24 hours a day to make agreements.
  • When dealing with rent issues, including Rent Agreements, members should be offered the option of discussing them in private.
  • Details of individual rent agreements will only be discussed with Co-op Workers and Committee Members who have signed a Confidentiality Statement.
  • Co-op members always have the option of raising issues about their rent (or anything else for that matter!) in a General or Committee Meeting.