Paint Policy


  • Paint Policy

    Our current maintenance policy states:

    The following work shall be organised on a 5 yearly basis:

    • External repainting
    • Repainting of internal communal areas. The Co-op will supply paint, and the work shall be done by the members of each house.

    The Co-op shall not be responsible for the decoration of members’ rooms. These must be kept in good condition.

    The Co-op has a trade account with a local supplier and will provide free enough white silk or matt emulsion and gloss paint to decorate a room. If a member wants a colour tint to be added they pay £1 for a tint to be added to emulsion and £2 for a tint to be added to gloss. The Co-op’s “paint rep” organises getting the paint, tinting etc. The work shall be done by members living in the house.”




  • Aims

    The aim of the Paint Policy is to expand on and update the above and deal with the following issues:

    • When can members redecorate?
    • How much paint can members have?
    • What equipment will Co-op pay for?
    • Role of Paint Co-ordinator.




  • When will the Co-op pay for paint for members’ own rooms/flats?

    1. When someone moves into the Co-op or transfers within a house or between houses or flats, they will be entitled to enough white paint to decorate the room or flat.
    2. The Co-op will not meet the cost of further redecoration by the same member of the same room/flat for at least another 2 years.




  • When will the Co-op pay for paint for communal areas in houses?

    The Co-op will not meet the cost of redecoration of communal areas until at least 3 years (contradicts Maintenance policy which says 5 years) after the last redecoration, unless there are special circumstances. The paint person and the Maintenance Co-ordinator will decide if earlier redecoration is necessary.




  • What kind of paint will the Co-op pay for?

    1. The Co-op will pay for white emulsion and gloss and will aim to have an arrangement with a supplier so that members can get this paint tinted at their own expense.
    2. If members wish to buy their own coloured paint, the Co-op will meet the cost of the same amount of white emulsion or gloss at whatever price we are currently paying for paint. If members wish to reclaim this cost from the Co-op they must produce a detailed receipt for our records before any payment is made.




  • How much paint will the Co-op pay for?

    1. Bedrooms 5 Litres of emulsion, 2.5 litres of gloss (If current decoration is a dark colour which proves difficult to cover with 5 litres then the member can ask the Paint person for another 5 litres of paint; the Paint Person can decide whether this is necessary or not).
    2. Living rooms
      4 person houses/flats 5 litres emulsion, 2.5 litres of gloss
      6 person houses 10 litres emulsion, 2.5 litres of gloss
      10 person houses 15 litres emulsion, 5 litres of gloss
    3. Bathrooms/shower rooms and kitchens No more than 5 litres of emulsion and 2.5 litres of gloss




  • Painting Equipment

    1. Following items to be kept in the maintenance cupboard:
      • Brushes, rollers/trays, polyfilla, sandpaper, sugar soap, sponges, white spirit, masking tape, metal “masking tape” and any other items considered appropriate by the Paint Person and/or Maintenance Co-ordinator.
    2. When a member uses painting equipment, they must sign for it in the maintenance cupboard record book.
    3. All equipment must be cleaned before it is returned.




  • Role of Paint Co-ordinator

    1. Ensure we have an account with a supplier of reasonable quality, good value paint who, if possible can provide a colour tinting service.
    2. Ensure that members who are entitled to paint get it.
    3. Keep a record of who has been given paint