revised April 2002

Who and what information is bound by this policy

Members of the Co-operative’s Management Committee, co-op members conducting interviews on ASH Co-op’s behalf, members of ASH Co-op’s complaints panels and members of staff will ensure that personal information of a confidential nature, made known to them through their role in the management of Co-op business, remains confidential. This applies to:

  1. Information acquired through access to data and records not openly available to Co-operative members, for example, information acquired through the process of equal opportunities monitoring. This shall include all medical information.
  2. Information received in confidence.
  3. Information of a confidential nature acquired by chance, while undertaking Co-op business.
  4. Information retained in the Co-operative’s files.

Who is responsible for implementing this policy

It is the responsibility of the Management Committee to ensure that its members are aware of the Co-operative’s Confidentiality Policy and abide by it.

Conduct at meetings

The Co-operative is aware that confidential personal matters shall not be discussed in Co-operative meetings without the agreement in writing of the member involved.

Discussion of complaints at meetings

Where a complaints panel is called upon to make recommendations in ASH Co-op’s meetings, the panel shall present the complaint, its recommendations and the basis for any recommendations without naming individuals or addresses.

Where a meeting is called to discuss the recommendations of a complaints panel, any individual may agree to identify themselves, yet no-one at that meeting shall identify any other individual unless they have given their consent to the meeting. Such agreement shall be addressed to the Chair and minuted, and may be done verbally, before or during the course of the meeting.

Employment matters

It is the responsibility of the Employment Group to ensure that members of staff are aware of the Co-operative’s Confidentiality Policy and abide by it. It is recognised that the Co-operative’s staff have already made a commitment to confidentiality in their Contracts of Employment. Personal matters relating to staff shall be confidential to the Employment Group or Employment Co-ordinators.

Welfare Matters

It is recognised that the Welfare Group has a Confidentiality Policy of similar purpose and intent, relating to welfare issues.

Rent Matters

Matters relating to rent arrears shall only be referred to by a reference number at Management Committee or General Meetings.


Members of the Co-operative’s Management Committee and staff will make the following commitment to this policy: I understand the Co-operative’s Confidentiality Policy detailed above, and will abide by it at all times when dealing with personal information.

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