ASH Co-op exists to promote and encourage diversity amongst its membership. Coupled with this is our responsibility, as a landlord, to provide all members of Ash Co-op with a safe and healthy living environment. This policy aims to strike a balance between the needs and interests of both smokers and non-smokers within our community, offering a degree of protection to those who chose not to smoke whilst ensuring smokers retain the right to smoke in accepted areas of the co-op.

  1. The Hut: All meetings held in the hut shall be non-smoking, with breaks provided for those wishing to smoke at a time agreed by the meeting. Further to this, interviews for shortlist applicants and other events held in the hut such as training sessions, shall also be non-smoking, with breaks agreed as above.
  2. Flats and members’ own rooms: Members may smoke in their flat/own room.
  3. Communal areas in shared houses.
    1. Kitchens: More than any other shared parts of a house, there are specific health and safety issues around smoking in kitchens. Therefore, should any member of the household object, other members should agree not to smoke in the kitchen.
    2. Other communal areas of shared houses (living rooms, hallways, stairways, bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets and drying rooms): If half the members of a shared house object to smoking, the communal parts of that house should be non-smoking.
  4. ASH Co-op to provide No Smoking signs to houses requesting them.