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the Argyle Street Housing Co-operative


Happy New Year !

happy new year from co-operatives

When do you stop wishing people a happy new year in the UK ? Not beyond week one, according to Captain Loud in the queue for hotdogs at Cambridge market the other day. In some parts of the world though, it’s completely culturally acceptable to continue to bid people happy new year until the end of january and at ASH Co-op we embrace cultural diversity, as with all diversity - so happy new year to you all !

So 2023 was an interesting one for us as we continue the slow climb out from the surreal cauchemar of coronovirus weird. We’ve taken on new paid staff, continue to rebuild some of our neglected admin systems and seen member engagement grow, but also seen sadness with the passing of one of our members.

We’ve also taken the first steps in rekindling interest in community development as we finally got around to replacing the dilapidated storage container converted from an old and once loved converted BBC site van a million years ago.

We’ve also held true to our commitment to the co-operative principle of co-operation among co-ops and helped out other organisations with loans and investment stock. Special shout out to Green Wood in Leeds, best of success for 2024.

We’ve even made friends in the north of Canada after playing host to a visit from Otter housing who were very interested in the way we operate, although it is rather unlikely they’ll embrace the co-operative model for their new community. You can see what they said about us here.

Further afield, some of our members participated in the Inter Communities Volleyball at Laurieston Hall in Scotland which was fun.

Into the new year we will be turning our focus on more home growing development as we look at the long awaited program of replacing the kitchens in our properties. We also hope to be getting around to replacing this website, which was hastily thrown together last year, with something a bit more sustainable and less rubbish - so watch this space.

If you’re interested in joining us take a look at our application pages to get a feel of how we work and how to apply.

Ash Coop

ASH Co-op has Hired !

A belated update but we are glad to announce that the erstwhile vacant postion in our office has been filled.

Our congratulations go to Milly who now teams up with Ben to form a physical presence in our office, something we haven't really properly known since we moved our paid staff to remote working for safety during the Covid-19 joy.

Our paid staff team are also a vital element in helping us to realise our vision of self-determination as a member run business. So we welcome you Milly, we hope your time with us will be long and rewarding.

Ash Coop

Date of next Open Evening

The open evening is our introduction night where you get to find out more about us - what we are and how we co-operate and discover whether this is a place where you would like to live.

The date of the next open evening is : at 7pm.

Email information at ash dot coop for more details if you're interested.

Ash Coop
2023 - Argyle Street Housing Co-operative Ltd