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the Argyle Street Housing Co-operative

Welcome to Argyle Street Housing Co-op

Argyle Street Housing Co-op is a co-operative housing association in Cambridge UK which opened in 1981 and consists of a mixture of shared houses and one-bedroom flats.

We are unlike other forms of rented accomodation since as tenants we also own a stake in, and so control of, the housing where we live.

We have rooms to rent in shared houses ranging in size from 4, 6, 9 and 10-person homes. We also have 8 1-bedroom flats and a 3-bedroom family home, but these come up very rarely and are first offered internally to those who are inappropriately housed in shared accomodation

Communal areas comprise some spacious gardens including allotment spaces, a meeting room and office space, a well equipped workshop. and more ...

Members move on for all sorts of reasons so there is always room for new members with creative minds to enable us to continue to grow, evolve and, above all, further the ideal of a collective community based on equality and fairness. If this appeals to you then please read more about us here.


ASH Co-op has Hired !

A belated update but we are glad to announce that the erstwhile vacant postion in our office has been filled.

Our congratulations go to Milly who now teams up with Ben to form a physical presence in our office, something we haven't really properly known since we moved our paid staff to remote working for safety during the Covid-19 joy.

Our paid staff team are also a vital element in helping us to realise our vision of self-determination as a member run business. So we welcome you Milly, we hope your time with us will be long and rewarding.

Ash Coop

Date of next Open Evening

The open evening is our introduction night where you get to find out more about us - what we are and how we co-operate and discover whether this is a place where you would like to live.

The date of the next open evening is : at 7pm.

Email information at ash dot coop for more details if you're interested.

Ash Coop
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