About ASH Co-op

The Argyle Street Housing Co-operative (ASH Co-op or, more commonly, the Co-op) is a housing co-operative in Cambridge offering shared accommodation for individuals who wish to have greater control over their housing situation than that offered by ordinary rented accommodation. All on one site and situated around four communal gardens, we offer a range of four, six and ten person houses for single people and a number of two-room flats, predominantly occupied by single parents and couples with children but also by people with special circumstances.

Fundamental to our policy is that of equal opportunities so that members may live and work together co-operatively without fear of discrimination based on gender and sexual preference, race, religion, disability or indeed anything else which may compromise their effective involvement in the organisation and running of the community in which they live.

Member involvement drives ASH Co-op. By the notion of ‘work together’ we mean getting together and acting to do the things that would ordinarily be undertaken, with varying degrees of tenant satisfaction, by profit motivated landlords or the impersonal bureaucracy of regular Housing Associations. From the banalities of rent collection, maintenance and repairs to the more spirited activities of community development and celebration.

Members move on for all sorts of reasons. Hence there is always room for new members with vibrant personalities and creative views to enable us to continue to grow, evolve and, above all, further the ideal a collective community based on equality and fairness. If this appeals to you we welcome you to join us.


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